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Tue, Feb. 28th, 2006, 02:43 pm

the second installment

After much discussion and confusion, I decided to have the tow truck take my car (now upright) directly to CollisionMax. They did an awesome job on my car last time (right around this past New Years). Ironicly, they just replaced the front right headlight and fender, my hood and my front bumper. After having myself and my car dropped off at the shop, I spoke with my guy and with just a glance he told me the car is probably totalled. At this point I had already decided I didn't want to get it fixed regardless.

While waiting for my ride, I called my insurance company and filed the claim. Waiting around for what seemed like hours, I made several other phone calls. The person I spoke to most though, was her. Talking to her comforted me. It made everything seem normal, and Ok. At this point, about an hour and a half had passed since I was pulled from the car. I was still jittery, and more than a little wired.

My mother finally arrived, hounding on me to go to the ER. I kept refusing. I wanted to go home, and shower, clean up. We compromised, I let her take me after going home first.

We arrived at St. Mary's ER. Signed in, and settled in for the wait. Several Chapters of my book later, my name was called and I was lead into a secure room in the back. The ER at St. Mary's has been redesigned because of an incident there last year, where an armed man shot a police officer inside the ER. Now all major doors are keypadded, and ambulance patients are brought into a seperate area among other precautions.

After taking my information and asking about what happened (I gave the same story I've been giving all day to this point), I was lead into a small room. This room was much like one you would find at your family doctor's office. So far my trip to the ER has been uneventful, and boring to boot. After waiting for what seemed like longer than neccessary (someone could be dying out there!), a young looking female doctor comes in. She asked me for pretty much the same information that I had already told two people since arriving at the ER, so I just followed the routine. Immediately upon hearing that my car accident was a "rollover", her interests seemed to peek and she went into action. Not letting me finish my story, she told me to take off my shirt. She rushed over to me like a woman posessed. Reaching behind me, she pulled out a hospital gown, and handed it to me telling me to put it on.

Sitting me down in a wheelchair, I was wheeled out into the hallway while a nurse took my vitals yet again. It seems they just love vital signs. Now I'm not a small guy, and I don't appreciate being pushed around when I can walk perfectly fine on my own. We went down several hallways, through several keypadde doors, and took many turns. My head was spinning more than it was when I was flipping my car, and I felt like I had been cheated out of my hospital tour (they rushed it, it seemed).

On the way to our destination (which I had no idea what it was), the good looking doctor told me that since my accident had involved a vehicle rolling over I was to be immediately elevated to a "Trauma Level 2" patient. She also said it would get me out of there quicker probably, which I was really thrilled about. Arriving at the ambulance portion of the ER, I was wheeled into a Trauma ward room. Surrounded by all sorts of instruments, most of which looked like they were supposed to be inserted into unnatural places, I was instructed to lay down on the table. Suddenly I felt like a lab specimen, or perhaps an alien abductee.

Shortly thereafter, a specialist come into the room. Or so I thought. He turned out the be the specialist's little help, a specialist in training. After the young man checked me over and heard my complaint's of what hurt, he provided me an ice pack for my nose which was obviously broken and swollen. A few minutes passed, and the real specialist graced us with his presence. He was a really nice guy, funny and looked like he was geniunely happy to be there helping me. He told me this and that, and asked me all sorts of questions that I hadn't been asked yet (I was thrilled let me assure you). He was amazed I survived my accident with so little injury. After determining that I needed nothing more than a few days relaxation and ice on my nose, he called off the other specialists and pronounced me good to go after I recieved an X-Ray. So I had to wait for a little while longer until that could be done.

Finally getting into the X-Ray lab, I was told to lay down on a hard cold table. At this point my body was stif and my shoulders hurt a bit. After being positioned in several uncomfortable ways, I was led back to the Trauma ward room. I had some more waiting in store still aparently. I had to wait for the X-Ray to be read.

A half hour later, the X-Ray was read and it confirmed what we all already knew to be true. My nose was broken, but there wasn't anything they could do. I had the possibility and of slight concussion, but again nothing really to be done except ride it out.

Finally it was discharge time, and I was able to go back home. On the way home, my mother and I stopped and picked up a pizza. Large Meat lovers. I devoured it in record time. Sitting at the kitchen table with my extremely lucky laptop, I began looking at new cars. I knew I wanted another Honda Civic. I love Civics, they have always treated me well and I have never had any problems with them. I immediately feel in love with the 2006 Civic Si. I convinced my mother to drive me around the corner to the Honda Dealership that I brought my old car from (old, because it was totalled now). I lucked out again, like I have been doing all day. They had one available, and the last one available for several states around. I saw the car, but they wouldn't let anyone test drive it unless they were buying it. I said I wanted it, but I had to figure out if I could afford it and what the insurance difference would be.

Heading back home, I figured out my finances and what all of my monthly payment increases would be. To my surprise, insurance wouldn't go up anymore than if I brought the 2006 Civic EX (my second choice). That finalized my decision. When my dad came home from work, we headed back to the dealership.

My dad is a pro at dealing with car salesmen. He's done it well all his life, and learned it from his father as I have from him. He didn't like the fact that they marked up the car because of it's rarity (it is a limited edition also). After much dealing, in which we walked out and came back once, I put down several grand on the car. All that I needed to do was get qualified for the loan, and wait for a letter from the insurance company confirming my old car is totalled. It was late at night and I went home happy.

Against everyone's better judgement, I went out with good friends afterwards and had a great time. Everyone was so relieved that I was alright, and I tried my best not to let my pain slow me down.

I'll write more later, this is only the end of the first day!

Wed, Mar. 1st, 2006 01:25 pm (UTC)

a young good looking female doctor....